Miscellaneous Tatting Tips

  • I made a chart on the computer using Excel spreadsheet to list the various tatting magazines, threads, etc. that I have or that are available for purchase. I began with one magazine--the Workbasket--and made columns for year, month, and then entered the title of the tatting article beside the corresponding year/month of that issue.I also did this for tatting threads/books/supplies that were available for purchase from various companies. Example: I made charts for Herrschners, Handy Hands, Nordic Needle, Mary Maxim, etc. and made columns for the various size of threads and listed under these columns the color number and description that are available from that company. I began the chart with the name of the company, address, phone number, fax number, contact person, email and website information. I listed all books available for sale from that particular company. I listed all tatting supplies available from that company. I printed this info out and placed each separate company in plastic sleeve covers and keep filed in a notebook for easy viewing of information. I have found this to be very quick and helpful. (Tip courtesy of Rhonda B.)

  • I keep each tatting catalog received in a separate plastic sleeve envelope and with it all email correspondence with the company. It has helped me keep up with who has what in stock, and contact person at the company with email address.(Tip courtesy of Rhonda B.)

  • I make copies of the tatting lessons/patterns from the wonderful websites that are available. I keep each lesson in a plastic sleeve cover and keep filed in my "tatting notebook" so I can refer to it whenever necessary. I have other notebooks, also--crochet, knitting, machine knitting, embroidery, etc. (Tip courtesy of Rhonda B.) Editor's Note: Just make certain to note the author and contact information for that author for each pattern. That way you can contact them to request copyright/use permission if you need to.

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