Tips for Learning Tatting

  • Learn on thread that is around a number 8 or knit-cro-sheen and muilt-color. Pastels color #165 is a good one in the J&P Coats cotton knit-cro-sheen. The larger thread made it easier to see the stitch and the muilt color thread makes it easier to see the flip. (Tip courtesy of Ms. Heart.)

  • This is a really simple tip, but one that helped me greatly! When I learned to tat, the teacher told us to use size 80 thread. After many tries with this size, I switched to a size 10. This is much easier to see the knots and, if necessary, to unravel. I wasn't successful with the smaller thread, but really enjoyed the larger thread! (Tip courtesy of Pam.)

  • My tip is about holding your tatting. If you crochet as well as tat you must be careful when switching between crocheting and tatting. You hold your work differently for each and you will get very frustrated. Work on your crocheting and tatting projects at very separate times. (Tip courtesy of Karen T.)

  • I had problems with not being able to close rings because by stiches just would not slide. I would try to remove the stitches and begin again, but it was frustrating. The solution was very simple. I was not keeping my index finger on the first half of the stich and it was not staying flipped correctly. It was a simple solution, and one that saved my sanity. (Tip courtesy of "D.")

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