Pattern Designing Tips

  • If you make a mistake early in the tatting of a design, look carefully at it to see if you can make it part of the design by repeating it instead of taking it apart or starting over. (Tip courtesy of Eliz.)

  • Turn an old edging design or motif design into a bookmark. You may create an end design or an outer round to frame the piece. (Tip courtesy of Eliz.)

  • A doily seems like a big design project until you break it down. It is a center with "so many" rows of edging round it. Do each element one at a time. Tat a center and put it aside. Come back to it fresh to decide on an edging to go round it. Continue to put it aside after each round so that you can come back to it fresh to decide what to do next. Try to pick up some element of the center or an early round in one or more of the outer rounds to pull the design together. (Tip courtesy of Eliz.)

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