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Put very simply:

  1. This site does not track individual users or their specific traffic patterns either by cookies or other code mechanisms.
  2. This site does not collect email addresses for the purpose of mass publication or distribution of information via broadcast email.
  3. This site does not sell, rent, or otherwise distribute email addresses or other information to anyone outside of the owner/administrator of this website.
  4. Any email addresses given by users who ask tatting-related questions are used specifically and only for the purposes of answering those inquires. These email addresses are not retained by the owner/administrator of this site beyond one month.

Additional details are given below, for those that require further explanations or specifications.

It is the policy of this site to answer as appropriately as possible, the tatting-related questions asked by visitors and users. For this purpose only, email addresses, as given by the "From" field in users' email communication programs (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Navigator/Communicator Composer, Lotus Notes, etc.) will be used by this website's administrator/owner to answer such user email inquiries.

Since its launch in 1997, the This 'n' Tat website presently located at www.thisntat.com (and formerly located at www.capital.net/~ltrumble/) collected no formal data, information - personal or otherwise - credit card, business, or other types of details on individuals accessing the site.

There are no server cookies in use for this website for the purposes of tracking individual users/visitors. The only tracking done is standard logfile tracking at the server level for purposes of determining the number of users that visited the site, the general traffic patterns of which pages were visited, etc. The information tracked is standard web/server statistics that are general in nature and cannot be used to determine the traffic patterns or habits of any one individual visitor or user of this website.

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