Pattern of the Month - August 1998

Rose and Leaf (2 shuttles)
1992 Lisa C. Trumble

With the following pattern, you can attach as many leaves as you would like - although only one is illustrated in the sample below. This motif can be used to dress up a blouse collar, or can be used to surround a buttonhole. If used as the latter, the buttonhole should line up with the center of the rose - the button itself will act as the center "bud" of the flower.

Rose and Leaf Motif - Chart The sample below was made in size 70 DMC tatting cotton - the rose in varigated pink/purple and the leaf in dusty olive. If used on clothing, heavier thread is most likely more appropriate - especially if used around buttonholes.
Rose and Leaf Motif - Photo

Technique Note:

To join the last ring to the first ring in the center portion of the rose, you'll need to employ a special technique used to make this awkward join. Please see the Lesson Corner if you do not know how to make what I call a "folded join."


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