Pattern of the Month - September 1997

Pansy Motif (1 shuttle)
1993 Lisa C. Trumble

Pansy Motif - Chart Pansy Motif - Photo

The above motif is a quick little flower pattern for stationery, greeting cards, and other decorative uses.

Even though this pattern contains chains, you only need one shuttle. Before beginning, unwind approximately 24 inches of thread from your shuttle and reserve this for later to make the chains.

Make the two upper, inner rings first, then do the bottom ring. Then, without cutting the shuttle thread, make two chains, encircling them around the two upper, inner rings. The first chain ends with a locking join to the picot shared between the two upper, inner rings. Complete the second chain and lock join this to the thread between the second upper, inner ring and the bottom ring. Knot the shuttle thread once more and trim close.

This type of pattern is perfect for those times when you're waiting in the doctor's/dentist's office or stuck in traffic since it requires only one shuttle and is quick to make. Also, since it will usually end up glued to a card or other object, tucking in the loose ends isn't really necessary. You can simply end the motif by tying a double knot and trimming close. I usually have a couple of these kinds of designs completed in my purse along with some of those tiny, gold-colored, safety pins. More than once, with the parents' permission, I have offered one to a little child so that it could be pinned onto their shirt or dress for a decoration.

Just another use for this unique lace.

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