Pattern of the Month - December 1998

Snowflake I (2 shuttles)
1998 Lisa Trumble

The pattern looks as though it is made from four rings with only the one 6-6 chain in the center piece. However, the largest "rings" are actually a series of chains that end in locking joins (shown by the red x's in the chart). So after a center ring of 4ds with 5p is made, one starts a series of chains which are interrupted by 2 smaller rings. The chain series with rings make the points of the flake.

Snowflake I Medallion - Chart Snowflake I Medallion - Photo

Depending on your tatting style and tension, you may be able to make this 7-pointed star into a 6-pointed flake. My version would have had too much tension in the center and would have "cupped" if I had tried to leave out the seventh point. I could easily have made this an 8- or 9-pointed star if I had wanted a slightly larger flake. The beads are an option.

Materials Used:

  • Size 30 DMC Cebelia cotton
  • Cotton Color: Dusty Ecru
  • Beads: Gold glass size 10/0 seed beads
  • Size: Tip-to-tip=2-1/2 inches (6-1/2 cm

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