Pattern of the Month - December 1997

Frilled Snowflake (2 shuttles)
1997 Lisa C. Trumble

The frilled snowflake below utilizes all of the techniques described currently in the lessons on this site: rings, chains, beads, Josephine Knots, and node tatted chains.

Frilled Snowflak Medallion - Chart

A Guide to the Chart Markings:

4N4 - This indicates a node tatted chain made by tatting 4fhs, 4shs, 4fhs and 4shs. (For additional instructions, see the Lessons on Node Tatting).

JK8 - This is a Josephine Knot made with 8hs and pulled completely into a small ring.

Indicates the placement of a bead. All of the beads in the pattern were added during joins through picots. Beads used were gold-colored, glass, seed beads.

Additional Notes:
If you tend to tat very tightly or draw your chains stiches tightly together, you will most likely need to increase the length of the node tatted chains to 4N6 (4fhs, 4shs, 4fhs, 4shs 4fhs, and 4shs) on either side of the Joshephine Knots (JK8). If you do not lengthen the chains, you may find that the tatting will "cup" slightly.

Frilled Snowflake Medallion - Photo


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