Pattern of the Month - January 1998

Lady Chain Edging (2 shuttles)
© 1995 Lisa C. Trumble

The Lady Chain edging is a wider edging that is particularly suited for short pieces of edging - table runner ends, scarf ends, blouse/shirt cuffs, shirt pocket accents, etc.

Ladychain Edging - Chart

A Guide to the Chart Markings:
A,B,C, etc. - This indicates the order in which to tat the design's rings and connecting chains.

Indicates the placement of a bead. All of the beads in the pattern were added during joins through picots. Beads used were peacock-blue, glass, seed beads.

Dotted Line - indicates the edge of the materialÜto which you are going to attach the lace.

Ladychain Edging - Photo


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