Pattern of the Month - July 1997

Clover Edging (2 shuttles)
1995 Lisa C. Trumble

Clover Edging - Chart

The above pattern is one that was originally designed for the Jan./Feb.1996 Piecework article on beaded tatting. However, the pattern is equally delightful when made without the beads. It was designed to be attached to a straight-edged piece of cloth along its top set of picots. The design was created in size 30 black Cebelia crochet cotton with silver seed beads which was then attached to the ends of a 10-inch wide strip of black silk for a scarf. The edges of the silk were first finished with a hand-rolled seam before the tatting was attached.

If you need instructions on how to attach beads to your tatting, please see the beaded tatting lessons.

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