Tatting Design Lessons
Turning a Corner

The following hints, tips and techniques can aid you in your efforts in designing your own tatting patterns or altering existing patterns to suit your special needs.

Most tatted edgings can be used on material with a sloping curve without any alterations. However, using an edging around sharp corners usually means altering the pattern to accommodate the extra distance around the corner point.

One of the easiest methods to visualize how a straight edging pattern needs to be altered to allow for turn around a corner is to use a straight-edged mirror.

Using a mirror Place the mirror at a 45-degree angle to the pattern and view the effect of the reflection in the mirror. What you see in the mirror will be the pattern as it needs to be in order to turn the corner. Placing the mirror in different places along the design will show you many places where you could turn the corner and each choice will alter the visual effect of the pattern at the turn. While some turns will not be possible at certain points along the pattern, there will be at least one area where a turn can be worked into the design.

Mirror diagram

A small, straight-edging mirror works well for this design tip. You can find these mirrors in many craft stores. Try to find the type of mirror that is not mounted in a frame and has no edging, frosting or beveling around it. You need to get the mirror edge flat against the pattern to get an accurate reflection. Just be careful of any sharp or exposed edge on the mirror.

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