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All patterns on this website are protected under United States copyright by their respective authors.

If you wish to use a pattern or a number of patterns for purposes other than a single project of your own, you need to contact the author of the pattern(s) and obtain their permission to use the design.

For example, if you intend to:

  • make multiples of a design and sell them in your business or at bazaars, flea markets, etc.,
  • include a copy of a pattern graphic in a newsletter or other informational packet,
  • make the pattern available to students in a lace-making class or other instructional venue,
  • use or make the pattern available to others in any form -- through photocopy, electronic re-creation and/or transmission (e.g. via email), as reference in any other book, magazine, pamphlet, or other printed or electronic source,
  • other re-print and circulation methods or circumstances,

then you must obtain the permission of the pattern author.

Patterns and instructional materials take time, effort and resources to create. Most pattern authors, myself included, are pleased to share our ideas and patterns with others who enjoy creating lace. However, it should not be taken for granted that your desire to use the pattern created by another is automatically available for distribution or re-printing. Lace patterns are covered under copyright just as other creative and printed works are. Obtaining the permission of the author prior to using his/her pattern is welcomed, and more importantly, is required. Obtaining permission to use copies of the resources on this website are also required (e.g. the Lessons) before using them in classes or instructional settings through your own business or volunteer-based classes (e.g. at community centers, craft/art stores, private lessons, conventions.)

The ability to offer patterns, through websites like this one, requires that the patterns offered here enjoy the same protection from copyright infringement that other creative works do. All patterns available here will include contact information for the author so that you may make inquiries regarding their work if you need to.

By respecting the efforts of others, we can continue to enjoy the results of such creative exchanges -- more ideas, more patterns and the survival of lace-making techniques.

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