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Updated: 09 April 2015
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What's New:

Since it has been a while (um...years) since I had updated the site design and some related information, I have added a new lick of paint and updated some links. Some additional changes are still being worked, such as a shift of information in the resources section. This was originally authored before many of the new blog and social sites were even born.

Coming soon: I have a couple of new motif patterns that I will be adding to the site and will update this page with the information and links to highlight these additions in the next week or two.  

Previous letters of the alphabet are available with all of the other types: edgings, motifs, etc. For all patterns available, please see the Patterns section.

Need help in reading the pictorial patterns in this site? Check out the Lessons for a section on reading pictorial pattern charts and pattern shorthand comparisons.

This 'n' Tat Regular Departments:

  • For instructions and tips on how to tat, please see the Lessons.
  • Tatters looking for patterns or pattern ideas should seek out the Patterns and Tools and Tips areas.
  • Links to other tatting sites and information on mail-order suppliers and lace catalogs are in the Resources area.

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